Recorded january 29th – february 2nd 2019 by Renato Fiorito,
assisted by Francesco Santagata and Fabrizio D’Andrea at Ex Asilo Filangieri, Napoli – Italy
Mixed by Renato Fiorito
Mastered by OEOAS
Artwork by Marialuisa Capurso
Conducted and produced by OEOAS
Released December 10, 2020

Alicia has been for sure the most challenging recording session ever made by Fiorito.
One hundred musicians from all over Italy, driven by a strong urgency of collective action have been met together for an intense recording work that lasted a week to give birth to Alicia, the first album by OEOAS, the Electroacustic Orchestra founded by Maestro Elio Martusciello.
The players have created together a work that is a musical experience and a wonderful social act, fully expressing their sound idea and at the same time orienting their choices, under the guidance of the conductors.
The recording system has been thought as a constant mutation to follow this philosophy, yet with a special fixed set up to give solidity and sound union and in the same time to collect every detail of the Orchestra’s sound.

Alicia is red, Alicia is gray
Alicia is hot, black and boiling
Alicia mumbles and screams
Alicia smiles, and everyone smiles with her
Alicia beats the time slowly
Alicia brings the bodies closer, soothes the fatigue, pushes to realize the impossible
Alicia is the mother of all, she cares for everyone and loves everyone