Lustra is an ancient neapolitan word. It signifies “it lights up”. It is for me the most suitable word to fully describe the brightness of Naples, a light that has in itself the ability to expand over the city, changing its face, and to influence those who live there.

Conducting sort of an anthropological participant observation, Fiorito combines the very elements that he feels are the core of the city and rework them in an extremely creative way, transforming Lustra in a personal symphony, a tribute to what makes the background of ever-present sounds of the city, conscious or unconscious soundtrack for its residents.

Published by Non Sempre Nuoce (NSN06)

The album has been released May 4th 2023, the same day of Napoli’s winning its 3° Serie A scudetto

All tracks composed by Renato Fiorito
Except: “3694” by Renato Fiorito and Antonio Raia; “‘Mmiez’’o Ggrano” by Evemero Nardella and Edoardo Nicolardi
Original sounds recorded in the urban area of Napoli (Italy) from 2013 to 2022
Saxophone on 3694 by Antonio Raia
‘Mmiez’’o Ggrano is played with Suonno d’Ajere
Produced, recorded and mixed by Renato Fiorito
Mastered by Giovanni Roma at L’arte dei rumori, Marano
Cover and promotional photo by Tommaso Vitiello
Layout by Jack D’Amico
Lacquers cut by Ruy Marine at D&M, Berlin