Thin Reactions

First collaborative album by Antonio Raia and Renato Fiorito.

A singular mix between ambient music and post clubbing scenarios through the use of saxophone, field recordings, drone sounds and tense rhythms.

Thin Reactions has been composed during several months and at least a lockdown. The album doesn’t reflect the overall feeling of constriction typical of these days though. It is an escape from a hectic reality instead, a personal way of creating a diversion in order to wander off from a heavy sensation of stillness. A very intimate and visceral experience.

All tracks composed by Renato Fiorito and Antonio Raia
Recording and mixing by Renato Fiorito, Napoli
Mastering and lacquer cut by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin
Postproduction by Giovanni Roma, L’arte dei rumori, Marano
Cover photo – Cody Cobb
Promotional photo – Luisa Terminiello

Released October 29th, 2021 by Non Sempre Nuoce  [NSN01]