Lievito OST


A summer camp, a judo dojo, a theater workshop in a contemporary art museum: the relationships between groups of adolescents and their adult guides. Teaching methods and educational practices; material and symbolic rules; the relationship between the form of places and behavior. All around, as a frame, the stories of Bruno Leone (master of “guarattelle”) and Peppe Carini (teacher), able to show the deep roots of the relationships between students and teachers, but also the political suggestions of an only apparently remote past, in a city like Naples where the school has never been the only place, or even the main one, where learning to live.



A film by cyop&kaf
Subject by Luca Rossomando
Original soundtrack by Renato Fiorito and Antonio Raia

Length 70’
Country of Origin ITALIA
Language ITALIAN
Shooting Format DV PAL
Screening Format DCP
Produced by Parallelo 41 in collaboration with Rai Cinema
supported by Regione Campania and Fondazione Film Commission Regione Campania