In nera luce

In nera luce


In Nera Luce
site-specific performance by Renato Fiorito and Antonio Raia

In Nera Luce is a sound action dedicated to the Sette opere di Misericordia (Seven Acts of Mercy) by Michelangelo Merisi di Caravaggio and to the chapel of Pio Monte in Napoli, where the painting is exhibited since its creation.
The performance has been structured as a dialogue for quadraphonics, saxophones and voices all of them playing with the architectural space.
By the use of peculiar properties of sound to narrate and in the same time to create movement and pressure through the space, it has been chosen to take advantage of the incredible acoustic of the church placing the public in circular to increase the immersive experience of the performance.
The quadraphonic system chosen is atypical, centered and frontal for every viewer to glorify the natural resonances of the place. Saxophones are never stills, keeping moving both in contrast and in counterpoint to the rounds of electronics sounds. A scattered choir, hidden in the audience, makes the sound appearing next to the viewers.
Starting from the enlighten painting of Caravaggio the performance translated the sacred human fortunes in a dark brightness.

Performed exclusively the February 7th 2020 at Pio Monte della Misericordia, Naples (Italy)

Renato Fiorito _ electronics and sound engineering
Antonio Raia _ Baritone and Tenor Sax

Arranged by Luisa Terminiello
Event by Maurizio Burale
Graphics by Annarita Esposito
Collage by Adriana Bernieri
Photo by Sabrina Cirillo