Straight / Wandering


5 speakers to project the facade of the building into the external environment and extend the architectural elements.

Straight / Wandering is a site-specific sound installation created for the outdoor space of Rietveld Schöderhuis, an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sound reinterprets the facade and ideally extends the architectural elements of the building through the compositional principles of De Stijl.

The immersive sound environment creates a new access to the interior space and offers a different impression to passers-by in the surrounding area.

The sound installation has been produced by and presented at

Le Guess Who? Festival 15th edition inside the U? program

November 11th 2022
Hrs. 13 – 14
Rietveld Schröderhuis (Utrecht)

Renato Fiorito 

Concept / Electronics / Sound Design

Chiara Mazzarella

Concept / Drawings / Research on site

While the sound system depicted the architectural elements of Rietveld Schröderhuis, the musical composition has been thought to be like a game with primary colors. Starting from a single complex sound, I’ve removed frequencies to create basic sounds that were played individually first and then mixed to create new “colors” during the exhibition. The whole composition has been repeated for four times to give the perception of the use of rhythm and space in the compositional principles of De Stijl.